Monday, August 13, 2012

Back home to a bit of a Surprise!!

Well returned home today from our wonderful holiday in BC only to assess the damage from the wonderful Hail Storm that hit Calgary last night!  Luckily our house did not suffer more than a little siding damage and the odd yard knicknack broken.   My neighbours had broken windows and damaged vehicles.   Below is a photos from my Upline Amber ....

When we got home this afternoon there was still ice in the yard despite the 25 degree Celsius weather!

Anyway I will be back in my craft room this week and I think some Halloween fun is in order. My oldest daughter was born on Halloween so below are a couple of the Items from back when she was too little to tell me what theme she wanted!  

The top is a little bag with a flap and inside I put a little candy and the invite.  The bottom is a picture of the Thank you cards for everyone who came.   Needless to say we love halloween in this house!

Enjoy your week!

Thanks for looking!
Janet Y

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