Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

Only one month to Valentines People!! Really those Flower/Card/Candy Companies are already bombarding us with ads and displays in stores (heck I saw Valentines Cards out on Boxing Day!).  So I am getting on board with this and posting a few of my recent projects!  

I have seen these Heart Groom/Bride Cards for a while now and have always wanted to give it a shot.  They are just so pretty and simple!

I made this card with some friends last night.  It is super cute because what you cannot see from the picture is the "heart flower" spins!  Cobbler is my favourite red and I am very sad this ribbon from the Christmas Mini did not make the cut but the new embossing folders in the current mini make up for it! Not to mention the very cute Fashionable Hearts embosslits! 

This was just a little card I wanted to play with. I love the gate fold just for something different and the glitter hearts I mean OMG!  Yes it is simple but I roll like that!

Thanks for Looking!


  1. I love the card with the glitter red hearts. I'm needing wedding invitations soon. How did you make these?

    1. This card was pretty simple. I used a gate fold and just attached the hearts in such a way that when the card is closed they hook in to each other. I would suggest using two different colors of hearts. It will look nicer when it is closed. Good Luck.


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