Friday, June 15, 2012

Teachers ROCK!

Well Summer vacation is just around the corner for our kids and that means we need to let the Teachers know how wonderful they are and how much they will be missed.   My youngest daughter goes to preschool and has the most amazing teachers (Including my Upline Amber:).   I had five teachers to thank so I wanted something fun but not crazy expensive.   I found a bunch of ideas on Pinterest which lead me to the following gift idea.

 Ok so here it is.  I got some Reusable Tumblers from Superstore and attached a Flag that says

"Thank you for Quenching my thirst for Knowledge!"

I put that on the straw and then started to fill the cup up with some other cute items, all of which have equally cute sayings!

 Hand Cream with a saying "Thank You for giving Megan a "Hand" this Year"
 A pen with a post-it-note pad that says; "Take Note!  you're a Great Teacher.  Thanks for a wonderful Year!"
Extra Gum with a wrapper with a note saying "You're EXTRA Special!"
A small candle saying "You LIGHT up my World."

I put it all in a cup and added a little Drawing from my Daughter to her Teacher.

I hope the teachers like it, I know it was fun to make!!

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