Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Swap to C.A.S.E. part. 4

Ok one more S2C card before I head off on my 4 day camping adventure!  My oldest girl starts school next Thursday so we are heading out of town for one last summer trip before she starts the grind!

When I saw the card on the left (the Swap) I immediately wanted to play with my butterfly punches.  You know it is a great Swap card when it inspires you to get crafting.

This card has some of my favorite colours incorporated in to it, unfortunately there was no name on the back so I have no idea who I should give credit to.  If it's yours comment below and I will give you a shout out on my Facebook page.
On the right is my take on the card.  I added bling and a bit of dimension by using a glue dot on the small white butterflies and lifting the wings. 

I already have a little girl in mind to give this card too!   I hope you like it.  

Have a great day!

Janet Y

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