Thursday, December 22, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas ...

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas; I am almost totally done and ready to go.  School got out today at 1245 and Jillian is off for 2 weeks;  Megan still has one more day but tomorrow is her school's Christmas concert so we are excited to see that.   Every year one of my biggest Christmas Challenges is what to give all of the wonderful Teachers in my Childrens lives.  I always give gift cards to Starbucks or Chapters so somewhere like that but it's all in the presentation is it not?

This year I found this wonderful video tutorial for this great gift card/chocolate holder and I really enjoyed making these.   For the tutorial by Glenda Calkins click here.

On the Left is the front and on the right is how it looks when it is open.  As you can see there is a space for chocolates and for the gift card.

I made this one for my daughters grade 2 Teacher and also for the Teacher's aid I gave a little something too...
On these I used the Holly Berry DSP and made a lolly and put a punch art pine cone and needles.  I filled the Milk carton box with goodies.   Below you can see the others I made for my younger daughter's pre-school teachers.
The fronts of these are similar to the card I posted on Nov. 26. I loved the look so much I used it on these little boxes too.  

The final Teacher's gift was for Jillian's Piano Teacher.  She has many allergies so I did not want to give her chocolates.  I few months ago I made some of these post-it note holders for the office staff at Jillian's school so I thought it would be a wonderful way to present her with a gift card.  I really had fun making this one as I got to use that Holly Berry DSP again and I love it!
The front side holds the gift card and a pen and the other side holds the post-its.  A tutorial is available from Jill Hillard's Blog Click Here to access it.

Thanks for Looking.   I hope you have a wonderful, safe and happy Holiday Season.
  Take Care

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